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Goals and Planning

It's been said -whether you plan - or if you don't plan - either way you'll find out tomorrow if you planned enough.



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The Movie Project - page 3

Our project needs:

1. Don't spend a lot of money.. or any money
2. Get started now – make a little plan, and do more planning later
3. Make a movie that everyone would like, and would recommend to a friend. (Also called “Viral Marketing” - it's free and fun)
4. Oh, and finally, our plans included only family-friendly material

Sounds like a project plan - strong as an egg!

But our star Jeggy was impatient, and so we got ready to film. We didn’t tell him the plot, or that he would likely get a bit smashed up.

Then we remembered that we had a dog who liked to go in cars. We taught him to drive. He drives safely, and he is a responsible driver.

We didn't tell Jeggy about the car running over him. We used a good communication strategy - we told his agent!
- - - - How did we make that a wrap?....






















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