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Dogs On Film?

Using dogs - or any live animal - spruces up a film. In the making of this movie, all animals were treated - with extra treats!





The Movie Project - page 2

And cute talking eggs would be even funnier, on film.

So, we drew an egg with a smiley face, and called him Jeggy.

Jeggy was born to be a film star. He’s got dashing good looks, and a big warm smile. In Hollywood, they always pick those types to be the star of the show.

But making a movie – even a short one – would be a project. We like projects, if they involve lots of fun, and have something gooey involved.

So - how to manage the project in order to get this movie done? Well, in trying to do anything in life, it’s good to remember your goals… “What are you trying to achieve in the end?”

We didn’t write down our goals… not exactly… but we knew them. Our gut feeling “project strategy” was an unwritten wish list.

Coming up... Jeggy learns the truth about the movie business in part 3...




















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