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Jeggy Says:

"It's fun being a movie star. They treat me well, and the producers used a body-double to play my part when they ran me over with the car. Caio Baby - Let's do lunch!"!


Making the Movie - a viral concept

Rated G-E – Jeggy for Everyone

The internet is a fun place. You've seen some of the “offbeat fun sites” on the internet, offering games, movies, cartoons, and entertainment. And, we always wondered “How do those fun viral movies and animations get dreamed up and put online? Is it easy?

If you haven’t seen the Jeggy movie, you can go see it now.

One night, the idea of filming chickens in a farm came up. Hey - maybe if we just took a lot of clips - added some words to make them Talking Chickens – and it could be very funny.

We didn’t own any chickens. But we did have a camera.

And, the idea evolved into chickens and eggs… arguing “Who came first - you or me?” Maybe we’ll do that film. But first we need a charismatic hen to be our movie star.

After some time, we decided that we did have eggs, and that eggs were funny looking when they cracked open. Next Page...






















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